What is 0xbnb?

A Fun Blockchain Lottery Game

0xbnb is a lottery gambling game based on blockchain encryption algorithms. Here's how it works:

  1. Guessing the First Digit: Your task is to guess the first digit of the randomly generated Ethereum wallet address (excluding "0x").

  2. Betting Stage: During the betting phase, we reveal the latter 50% of the private key for this address. You can choose one or more digits to place your bet.

  3. Immediate Result: Once you've placed your bet, we immediately disclose the other 50% of the private key and the corresponding wallet address.

  4. Verification: Combine both parts of the private key and import it into an Ethereum wallet to verify if the address matches.

  5. Winning or Losing: If your guess is correct, you can win multiple times your bet. If not, you won't win anything.

We use a semi-public key approach to ensure that the result of each round is determined before you place your bet. After the draw, you can verify the result, eliminating any hidden or unfair practices.

Play and enjoy the transparency and excitement of 0xbnb!

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